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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What I need to know...

What is carpal tunnel syndrome and what causes it?

What are some of my options for treatment?

1) The anatomy of the carpal tunnel and the median nerve

2) Contributing factors to median nerve compression

3) Options for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

What stretches can I do to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and help alleviate my symptoms?

For conservative treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome contact me today:

Jennifer Bartiss-Earley, OT/L, CHT

(Jennifer is an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist with 26 years of experience)

The Vault: Hand Crafted Wellness & Apothecary, LLC

12 Brick Walk Lane

Farmington, CT 06032

(203) 376-5646

(203) 376-5646
The Vault: Hand Crafted Wellness & Apothecary, LLC

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